What should I do if the Win7 system automatically opens the TEMP folder after opening the IE browser?


Recently encountered a problem, open the TEMP folder on the IE browser desktop, delete the TEMP folder, reopen the browser, the TEMP folder reappears. It is really too much trouble to delete every time you open it. What caused this problem? My computer is a win7 system, is it related to the computer system?

It doesn't matter, the main reason for this problem is caused by IE browser history files and cache directory. We only need to restore IE browser to solve the problem. Let's follow the small steps to see the specific solution.

1. Click on IE browser on Win7 system, and then click on <;Tools>;&&quoquo;Internet Options& rdquo;

2 in IE browser. Then on the internet options window, switch to the "General" tab, then click on the "Settings" button at the History tab.

3, on the History Browsing History window, Check whether the history browsing record and the temporary file directory point to the desktop Desktop folder. You can reset other folders to the system default folder.

4. Click the “move folder” button to browse. Temporary folder, then click the OK button to save.

Note: Even if you don't care, it's okay. These are temporary files of the system. Some temporary files will be generated when the system runs the program, but these files will disappear automatically after the restart, and the files inside can be used as the file. It is a junk file, so you can safely delete it. However, it can't be deleted when it is being used, so there is no need to pay attention to this folder, shut down, and there will be no next boot.

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