Win8/8.1 quickly closes the menu on the right side of the desktop menu


Although the Win8/Win8.1 system deletes the start menu, it also adds a convenient and quick operation, that is, a retractable hidden menu pops up on the right side of the desktop. It is convenient for users to search, set, etc. However, some users do not like this menu will always jump out, the following small series teaches you how to close the super menu on the right.

Win8/8.1 closes the desktop super menu:

1. Open the control panel, win+x select P (control panel);

2. Select "Task and Navigation Bar" in the Control Panel.

3. In the <;Taskbar and Navigation Bar>; select “Navigation”, find“ Corner navigation & rdquo;;

4, will "<; corner navigation" “ in the upper right corner, when the super button is displayed, the front hook is removed, so that will not The mouse or finger slips to the right and the right side menu appears.

The menu on the right side of the Win8/8.1 desktop is sometimes called the Super Menu. Users who don't like this menu can be closed according to the above operations, and then re-checked when needed.

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