What should I do with the new control panel for the win8 system desktop?


New installation win8 system, computer desktop only "control panel icon", can't find "My computer, network and recycle bin", then Xiaobian, fiddled with it before retrieving, "I Computer, network and recycle bin”. Later, Xiaobian thinks about it, maybe some novices don't understand this, so I will share it with you and hope to help everyone! ! As shown in the figure, the small series is played before and after the comparison chart.

1, Xiaobian to explain to everyone why this is? It is the windows development team. When developing the computer program, when the computer is newly installed, the desktop only has the "control panel icon" program, there is no default setting, "My computer, network and recycle bin" also appears at the same time. This is the so-called humanization setting! !

2. How should I get it back?

2.1 Click the right mouse button on the desktop of the computer, find "Personalization", find the "Personalization" panel, as shown in Figure

2.2 in "Personality" & rdquo; panel, find "change the desktop icon", open the "desktop icon settings" panel, as shown in Figure

2.3 will "set the desktop icon" & rdquo; panel & ldquo My computer, network and recycle bin

After the above operation is completed, click on the "application” in the lower right corner to save the settings , as shown in


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