How the Win10 system allows users to customize the appearance and performance options


Windows systems are compatible machines, running on machines of different brands and different hardware specifications. For many years Windows has been offering custom performance and appearance options for users to choose from, and Win10 is no exception. Let's take a look at how to customize the look and performance options under the Win10 system.

Operation Method

The first step is to right-click the computer icon on the desktop, right-click, and select “ldquo; Properties” from the menu.

In the second step, in the “System” interface, click on “Advanced System Settings” above the left panel.

In the third step, under the “System Properties” tab, click ““ Performance” under the “Properties” tab.

The fourth step, in the "Performance Options" dialog box, click to select "Let Windows choose the best setting for the computer", then click the "OK" button to do it!

From the operational point of view, the custom appearance and performance options under Win10 system are not much different from the previous system, which also reduces the user's learning cost for the new system. If you don't have special requirements, just keep the default state.

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