The "Battery Energy Saving" module in Win10 build 9888 has been updated and is available


The release (or outflow) of every compiled version of Windows 10 will bring some improvements and changes in detail. As the final release date approaches, Microsoft has improved the "Battery Saver" module in build 9888. As the name implies, this feature helps mobile devices maximize battery life. When this mode is activated, background activity on the device will be effectively limited.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to being able to manually turn this feature on, users can also set the Battery Saver to be automatically enabled when the battery drops to a percentage.

In addition, in Windows 10 build 9888, we also saw UI updates. More importantly, it can finally be used normally. In the previous compiled version, although the Battery Saver module has already occupied the pit in advance, it cannot be enabled.

But Sam of Neowin thinks that the UI of this function makes him somewhat incomprehensible —— obviously a setting option, why do you list it separately in the system settings?

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