Cisco issues a warning to winXP users that there are serious security risks in the unrepaired vulnerability


Net Market Share's latest Windows market report released today shows that XP system accounted for 13.57%, a significant downward trend compared to October (17.18%), but it is undeniable that there are still many users around the world using the system. Recently, network equipment developer Cisco issued a warning to Windows XP users that the vulnerability exists on the system to allow hackers to gain full control of the computer through the USB device. This vulnerability is currently in the system file format of Windows XP FAT32.

In the October patch Tuesday, Microsoft sent related patches to Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Server 2008, but the vulnerability still exists in Windows XP SP3 systems, once a hacker inserts a malicious FAT32 The boot sector USB device can exploit the vulnerability of the FastFAT.sys hard drive to gain all privileges.

Cisco security experts said: "This vulnerability is clearly a serious security risk for users who are still using Windows XP. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Windows XP systems no longer provide support, this vulnerability can be difficult to fully fix. So the only solution is to upgrade the user to a newer version of Windows. ”

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