Let Win10's calendar tile also display the lunar calendar and weather on the start menu


The calendar tile on the Win10 system may have been useful, but it may be a bit ugly. There is neither a lunar calendar nor a weather. In fact, all this is achievable. The calendar tile on Win10 can also display the lunar calendar and weather on the start menu. Let's see how it works.

Tips: Before using the following operation, please use the Microsoft account to log in to the system and set the calendar tile to be large in the resize.

Operation Steps

The first step is to open the China Weather Network, find the weather forecast interface of your city, and write down the city code in the address bar.

The second step is to open the Microsoft web calendar and click the "“ Import" button at the top.

The third step, in the subsequent interface, click on the left “subscribe"" in the calendar connection, enter “http://tq121.weather.com.cn/fcics/101090201.ics( The red part, for the city code we just remembered, click on the "subscription" at the bottom after completing the settings, and then you will be prompted "Syncing”.

The fourth step, then the bottom of the page will prompt "Do you want ‘ auto-complete & rsquo; function to remember the Web form items? ” Select OK, close and exit.

Step 5, click on the start menu, wait a moment to let the computer sync, and the calendar tile will show the effect of the opening picture!

The calendar settings in the Win10 system show the lunar calendar and the weather, which is actually quite practical. Especially when you put the calendar magnet on the start menu or still use the start screen, you can easily see the lunar calendar and weather information.

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