Win7 system can not open the solution to the zero-hanging assistance problem


The computer company Win7 system should be said to be a very compatible system, and many users will still encounter software compatibility problems. A lot of software has also made a special compatible design for win7, but due to the special nature of the legendary aid, the problem of using zero-hanging assistance cannot be turned on under the win7 system. In fact, as long as we set the system slightly, we can solve the problem. Zero hanging aid troubles.

Zero-hang is compatible with most WIN7 systems, but some members have different computers. Different 32-bit and 64-unoperated may be different.

Next, I will share with you the 0 hang assistant. If you can't open it in some WIN7 systems:

1. Open the control panel - user account and home security - user account - - Change the user account control settings - pull the left side to the bottom (never notify), as shown in Figure 1.

After the setting is completed, restart the computer to use.

2. If you can't do it according to the above method, right click on my computer--admin--local user group--right list--user--right click on administrator, cancel the account is disabled (As shown in Figure 2)
Figure 2 Cancel the account is disabled

The above settings for the processing of the zero-hanging auxiliary can not be opened, I believe it is easy to solve the Win7 system can also easily open zero Hanging aids.

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