How to open aero effect win8? Windows8 open aero effect tutorial


There are netizens on the Internet about how to open Aero effects on Win8? It is estimated that there are still some netizens who don't know what the Aero8 effect of win8 is? What is the effect? In fact, when the win7 came out, there was an Aero effect together. Its role is to make the interface of the system more personalized and achieve some beautiful appearance. If you don't know about Aero effects and don't know how to turn on Aero effects, let Xiaobian teach you win8 to open aero effects. The details are as follows:

What is Aero effect?

Aero effects is a frosted glass effect that achieves a translucent visual appearance. Added features such as Aero Shake and Aero Peek, Aero Snap. If you hold down [win+spacebar] you can switch to Aero effects. Of course, Xiaobian here teaches you to hold down the win+TAB key combination, and the effect can be achieved. It feels very beautiful! However, after the Aero effect is turned on, it will have a negative effect on battery life. So this is why many users don't turn on Aero effects.

In the first step, right click on the desktop to open the “Personalization” setting window, and select “High Contrast Theme” in the list of topics “--&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

The second step, after Win8 application of this high-contrast theme, the system will become the appearance of the following picture, click on the "color" under the "go" color, appearance ” window. Be careful not to make any settings or changes after entering.

The third step, keep the color and appearance window just not to close, re-open a new "Personalization" window on the desktop and select "Windows default" The theme & rdquo;, let the system back to the normal theme.

Finally close the "Personalization" window, then go back to the "Color and Appearance" window that was previously opened, click on the "Save Changes" button below, and then you You will notice that the window border is completely transparent.

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