Win7 system installs wireless router for notebook and wifi-enabled mobile phone use


Now many people will use wireless router to connect to the Internet. Wireless router is used for users to access the Internet, with wireless coverage function, convenient and fast, can be used Notebooks and wifi-enabled mobile phones are used, but we must install wireless routers before use. How do I install them? Here take win7 as an example, let's talk about the method of installing wireless router in Win7 system, the specific steps are as follows.

1. First prepare the router, then follow the instructions to connect the computer to the broadband and wireless routers;

2. Then open the “Control Panel” option in the Start menu;

3, find and click in the open panel and click "Network and Sharing Center", then click "Change Adapter" to find the local connection in the settings;

4, right click on the local connection Select the "Properties" option, in the pop-up properties panel, locate and double-click on the link in the following items to enter the "Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4" item;

5, open Under the General tab in the properties interface, choose to automatically get the ip address and DNS server address, so the local connection is set.

6, the next is to set up the wireless router, open the browser, and then enter into the settings interface, in the pop-up interface, enter the wireless router user name and password, if it is new, has not been set The account and password of the router are default admin by default. You can also check if there is any specific description after the wireless router;

7. Then, in the interface that opens, click on the left side of the “Setup Wizard&rdquo ;;

8, then select “PPoE” item, then click “Next” button to continue;

9, in the pop-up window, enter the Internet account and password, also This is our broadband account password.

10, next to open the wireless state, if you want to set a password, then enter the password you need to set after the PSK password below, click the next step to complete the setup.

The above is about the method of installing wireless routers on Win7 system. I don't know how to install them. I can follow the detailed graphic steps above. I hope I can help you.

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