Win8 how to backup the registry graphic tutorial


Win8 system If there is a failure, it is a common way to restore by restoring the registry. Back up before restoring the registry. This article will bring you Win8 backup registry graphic tutorial

1, the previous system we can click start → run, enter the Regedit command to open the registry, but Win8 removed The start menu, then we need to press the combination shortcut Win + R to bring up the run dialog, then enter "ldedit", that is, open the win8 registry editor; (Note: you must log in as an administrator);

2, then find the sub-items that need to be backed up in the Registry Editor, click to select them;

3, then click on the menu "File - Export" (also import the registry) The above steps, and then in this interface select "Import" & rdquo;);

4, in the "Export Registry File" “ panel in the "Save in the" box to select the folder to save the backup Location, and enter a name;

5, and finally click “Save & rdquo;, the current registry information will be saved in a .reg file.

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