Winkey: Five common button experience skills commonly used by experts


winkey+d :

This is the first most popular combination of keys. This shortcut key combination can instantly minimize all windows on the desktop, whether it is a chat window or a game window … … as long as you press this key combination again, all the windows just returned, and the activation is exactly You minimize the window you were using before! Winkey+f :

No need to move the mouse point "start → search → files and folders, in any state, as long as you press winkey+f will pop up the search window. Winkey+r :

In our article, you will often see such an action prompt: "Click ‘Start →Run & rsquo;,Open ‘Run & rsquo;Dialog …… . In fact, there is an easier way to press winkey + r! Alt + tab :

If there are too many open windows, this key combination is very useful. It can display the names and icons of all currently open windows in a window. ● Select the window you want to open. , release this combination of keys. The alt+tab+shift key can reverse the currently open window. Winkey+e :

When you need to open the Explorer to find a file, this shortcut will make you feel very "cool!" No need to free one hand to touch the mouse! Tip:

winkey refers to the key on the keyboard with the windows logo. Winkey mainly appears in the 104-key and 107-key keyboards. 104 keyboard is also called win95 keyboard. This keyboard adds two windwos keys and one attribute association key between the left and right sides of the original 101 keyboard, ctrl and alt keys. The 107 keyboard, also known as the win98 keyboard, has more power management keys such as sleep, wake-up, and boot than the 104 keys. Most of these 3 keys are located at the upper right of the keyboard.

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