Microsoft CEO Nadella: Windows 10 is a service rather than an operating system


Computer store news: According to the technology blog VentureBeat, if you want to know how Microsoft CEO Nadella views the company's future, then this week's acquisition After LinkedIn, he was absolutely helpful in speaking to the employees of the new company. Recently, LinkedIn announced the record of Nadella's speech. After praising the LinkedIn staff, Nadella made an unexpected speech. For the latest version of Windows 10, he said that Microsoft is trying to think about the role of Windows in changing the technology industry in a completely different way. Microsoft's foundation in the PC era is built on top of this operating system.

“ When I think about the specific positioning of Windows 10, I feel that this product is not developed for a single device, it will be on the desktop of all devices in the user's hands, & rdquo; Della said. “Exactly, it's a service, and Windows Update is the largest service we offer, because our products cover 1.5 billion machines every day. Our goal is to change the definition of the operating system, and the operating system for personal computing is always thinking about how to bring new changes to the input/output. ”

When discussing how Microsoft is transforming into a new computing era, Nadella is also very generous, and he acknowledges that Microsoft has experienced obvious failures in the mobile space. He said: "No doubt, we lost in the mobile era. Quietly, we find that our status is more special, and the enterprise market is Microsoft's real direction. Here, we can provide users with reliable information security, more powerful management and higher productivity. We will focus on this, but Microsoft will not miss the next whistle. ”

So what is the next vent?

& ldquo; We can integrate the current hot reality and augmented reality into a hybrid reality, which is Microsoft's interest. ” Nadella said. “Imagine that in the future your field of view will no longer be limited by the immediate screen, WYSIWYG, we will superimpose digital elements in the real world. This will be a brand new medium, this is HoloLens. ”

So, in addition to playing games on HoloLens in the future, you can always check your LinkedIn account.

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