The major update of Windows 10 will be reduced from 3 times a year to 2 times.


Computer store news: Microsoft has just announced a plan silently, and the number of updates for Windows 10 system is reduced every year. Previously, Microsoft said that there would be three times a year (feature updates), just like the Windows 10 annual update, but this time it was announced that the number of such updates was reduced to two times a year. Microsoft did not make any major announcements about the news, but chose to announce the news at the WinHEC conference in Taiwan. Senior project leader Chris Riggs also talked about planning issues for system updates for both consumer and business users. Rigg said that while large-scale updates have been reduced from three to two, this may disappoint many people, but it is more acceptable for business users, who often need extensive testing and deployment for updates. In addition, cumulative updates will continue to occur every month. The specific plan for the update will vary for different types of users. After four months of release, the update will be pushed to regular users and small business users who choose the Current Branch branch. The update will then be pushed to the Current Branch for Business update channel. Each update provides 14 months of support, after which only security updates will be pushed and new feature updates will not be available. This is also a move by Microsoft to ensure that users can upgrade and use the latest Windows 10 system. Windows 10 updates are simpler than before, and only need to be updated continuously, all of which are free and long-term services.

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