The ultimate reason why Chinese people love XP: win10 is almost


Computer store news: Recently, with the rapid expansion of Windows 10, there is news that Microsoft win10 installation has reached 200 million, but the data shows win10 in China The occupancy rate is not optimistic, or based on Microsoft's old systems such as win7 and XP.

According to StatCounter's statistics, Windows 10's domestic market share is only 5.22% so far, not only far less than Windows 7, or even Windows XP rivals, the latter even once The rebound rose.

In the first eight months, the share of Windows XP in China has been steadily falling, only 23.78%, but then it rebounded strongly. In October, it returned to 29.87%, almost completely in March. The same, equal to the half a year in vain.

And the first five months of Windows 7 have been slowly increasing, always slightly higher than 56%, and then suddenly broke out, reaching a record high of 61.09% in July, but then fell sharply, ten It fell to 53.56% in the month, but it rose back a little in November.

Foreign media speculation may be the cause of piracy, because Windows XP and Windows 7 are easier to crack, there is no need to buy or toss Windows 10.

However, in fact, the bigger reason is that Windows XP and Windows 7 make most people feel that they are very good and use them completely. Windows 10 can't find a reason for non-upgrade.

Even many users have upgraded to Windows 10 and feel that they have been cheated, and nine out of ten will return to the old system very quickly.

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