Microsoft released Win10 IoT Core Build 10531


Computer Store News: Microsoft has launched a new Windows 10 IoT Core Development Kit to help developers quickly launch new projects. In addition to the new development starter package, Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 IoT Core Build for internal participants.

Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 IoT Core Build 10531 (10531.0.150820-1710.TH2_RELEASE) for internal participants, bringing some new improvements. These include:

  • Web server (WebB) add-on features (change computer name, password, start process);
  • Secure boot enabled;
  • Enhanced Node .js experience: Universal installation package for all required components, support for Serial libraries, new Cylon project templates;
  • Extended compatibility support for pure python libraries;
  • ADC and PWM from Github Sharers provide an easy-to-use internal API ( that supports popular PWM and ADC external chips;
  • Update system base version number;
    < Li> Fix bugs.

    Users can download Win10 IoT Core Build 10531 from Windows Dev Center

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