Developers please note: win10 Universal Platform Application Design Guide released


Computer Store News: After the first conference in Build 2015, Microsoft also updated their Windows Developer Center site to add new content to Windows Universal Application Design. Developers can now learn how to design a Windows Universal Platform (UWP) application that we know will be able to take advantage of all Windows 10 devices, from phones and tablets to PCs to Surface Hub. Now, you can start learning how to design a universal application (UWP apps) that looks cool and runs on all Win10 platforms.

Design basis: get started with UWP (UAP changed its name to UWP) application design, understand the new platform, UI basic design principles and responsive design skills

Design Download: From Start your design journey with PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator design templates

Guide: Browse the full list of guides, including layouts, controls, user interaction, text, etc.

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