Win10 preview version 10051 new "calendar" application, exquisite generous and fresh


computer shop news: last weekend, Windows 10 latest Build leaked, the new version of the biggest update is to bring a new "calendar" and "mail" application . We've covered the specifics of the new Mail app, so let's take a look at some of the improvements to the new Calendar.

The new Calendar app has the same improvements in UI as the Mail app, with similar styles. The left side of the main page is the operation option menu area, the calendar details are displayed on the right side, the burger menu is also placed in the upper left corner of the page, and the user can also click on the “Envelope” button in the lower left corner of the app to implement “Mail” and “Album”. Real-time switching of the Calendar app. In terms of functionality, the new Calendar app is identical to the Win8 Calendar app, but the interface is more refined.

Build 10051 is not very stable compared to the just released Build 10049, but we have a set of screenshots for you, you can learn more about the new Calendar app without installing it.

Microsoft is improving the interface for every widget in Win10. When the system reaches the RTM stage this summer, it may be obvious from a visual point of view that it is different from Windows 8.

▼The following is a new "Calendar" application gallery:

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