Office 365 core features will be available for devices under 10.1 inches for free.


Computer store news: Microsoft began to clearly distinguish mobile office applications and full-featured desktop and notebook applications, including price and features. For professional customers, if you want to get full-featured Office, you need to purchase an Office 365 subscription.

Recently, Microsoft allowed Android and iOS device users to create, edit, and view documents for free using Office without the need for an Office 365 subscription. In a blog post this week, Microsoft Kirk Koenigsbauer said the device has reached a certain size, and Offic's core features such as viewing and editing will be free.

Microsoft Kirk Koenigsbauer:

After research, we defined a device with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less as a mobile device: this type of device is also used at ordinary times, and it is not as practical. PC or Mac. You may not use a mouse or keyboard, but navigate through the touch interface. It may not be a tablet for the design or demonstration of the "pro" class. On this type of device, the Office Core Editing and Viewing experience is free, unless you want advanced subscription features.

Consumers can also choose to purchase an Office 365 Personal or Home Edition subscription for more features. Koenigbauer says:

Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal Edition can extend the Office experience on all devices, as well as access to advanced subscription-only features such as more stable editing and writing features, 1 TB OneDrive storage and Skype Global Unlimited Calls 60 minutes per month.

Office application business users need to sign up for some Office 365 subscription plans. Koenigbauer says:

These users need more than just a simple application: companies need a more integrated product suite. They need safety and reliability. Most importantly, they need to be able to get things done no matter where they are. It makes sense to serve professional users through subscriptions, both to expand market demand, to generate new product categories, and to provide licensing models for corporate customers, which are key to the significant growth of Office 365.

Microsoft also revealed that the current Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal Edition subscriptions have exceeded 9.2 million, while Office 365 business users have increased by 88%.

In the past few months, global OEMs have produced a large number of Windows tablets that are less than 10.1 inches in size. It's a good idea to use these devices to handle everyday tasks. Users can do their work through the touch interface, but when you encounter an office task that requires peripheral assistance such as a mouse and keyboard, things become a bit different.

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