Microsoft did not tout, WP8.1 IE11 new features at a glance


Computer store news: Just now, we briefly introduced the WP8.1 version of IE11. It is not difficult to see that compared with WP7 IE9 and WP8IE10, this WP8.1 IE11 brings a new Internet and user experience, especially the addition of a large number of new features, not only won the praise of Microsoft, but also countless WP users.

This time, the IT House also fully summarizes all the new features of WP8.1 IE11. For details, please refer to the following ——

1. Fast Internet access (website one-click direct)< Br>

For the user, the first standard of the browser is fast, compared to the previous IE10, IE9, this WP8.1 version of the IE browser significantly improved the kernel engine, speeding up web access speed.

2, commonly used URL, URL association function

When WP users click IE11 address bar, IE11 will automatically display common URLs, refer to the following figure. This detail makes it easier for users to quickly access their favorite websites;

In addition, IE11 also supports the URL URL association function, which automatically determines the URL link based on the URL entered by the user. , refer to the figure below.

3, "Unlimited" tab, IE11 cloud sync

Previously, IE10 supported 6 tabs by default, unable to display more tabbed windows; Now, IE11 removes this restriction, and WP users can open and access more tabs (Note: Desktop Modewrn IE11 also natively supports 100 tabs).

Starting from WP8.1, the mobile terminal and desktop IE11 also implement synchronization function, refer to the above figure. Among them, WP8.1 IE11 automatically displays the desktop Win8.1 device that the user has logged in in the “Other” device, and supports access to the webpage that IE11 is accessing on the desktop. At the same time, in the desktop IE11 browser, the desktop user can also access synchronously. The webpage that WP8.1 is visiting, as shown below.

4, the website also supports dynamic tile

When encountering a common website, WP8.1 users can directly fix the website on the start screen, the user can change The size of the tile. For web developers, you can add a Meta tag on top of the HTML to achieve dynamic tile effects. For details, see the IE Live Tiles tutorial.

This feature is very similar to the desktop IE11 tile fixed function.

5, embedded web video

For example, Youtube video website abroad, you can now play online video directly with WP8.1 IE11, native support for embedded playback, refer to the following figure . The same domestic HTML5 video website can also achieve the following effects.

6, IE11 reading mode

This function is similar to desktop IE11. When the webpage supports reading mode, the right side of the address bar will automatically display "book". Logo, after selecting this representation, we can switch the original webpage into reading mode, and can access the original webpage by traditional media newspaper. The specific effect is as follows.

7, remember the account, password

IT home reminder: because IE11 joins the synchronization function, the desktop and mobile IE11 will Synchronize roaming user web pages, account passwords, and more.

8, sliding forward, back to the web

Remember the Modern version of IE11? Now, WP8.1 IE11 also supports sliding forward and backward web pages, which is convenient for quickly locating new and old web pages. This is also a function that many WP users have been expecting.

9, download manager, support to save files

Now, WP8.1 IE11 supports saving download files, the default is stored in Downloads, support using PC, WP8. 1 Third-party applications access and view download files.

10, security, privacy

Compared to IE10, this time WP8.1 IE11 SmartScreen filter natively added anti-phishing protection Features. In addition, IE11 also automatically opens the "Do Not Track" service to enhance the privacy protection of users.

Of course, the IE11 search service (Bing) also provides search services with different security levels.

11, InPrivate

I have been worried that my online record is seen by others? Then we can try the InPrivate tab of IE11. The specific operation is also very simple, just open the tab of IE11. Select the New “InPrivate tab" to achieve seamless internet access.

12, web data compression

WP8.1 brings a "flow-awareness" feature to IE11, supports the use of four standard compressed source web pages, supports automatic, standard and advanced level. Not only can you save on browsing, but you can also automatically block some webpage advertisements.

13, IE11+Cortana

WP8.1 brings Microsoft voice assistant Cortana, also supports voice commands to open the website, specifically refer to WP8.1 Cortana training articles : How to voice open a website.

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