Touch screen function into a stumbling block for Windows 8 promotion


Computer Store News: When Microsoft developed the Windows 8 system, it brought a new feature to it - the touch screen. But no one expected that this innovative function was used to attract more users, but did not expect to be self-defeating, became a stumbling block to promote Win8. Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Stategies, recently published an article in Time, pointing out that according to his survey, the newly introduced touch screen function has become a big mistake in Microsoft's decision-making.

Bajarin pointed out that PC users are accustomed to using the mouse and keyboard to operate the device, so they do not think that the touch screen function can bring any benefits to them. Perhaps the touch screen function is a perfect combination for small devices, like smartphones and tablets, but it doesn't make sense for PCs.

Bajarin said, "Although, Apple scientists have also studied the relationship between arm movements and keyboards and mice. In the end, they found that the touchpad is the best choice for reacting any gesture to the user interface. It is extremely unusual to bring the hand that was originally stuck on the keyboard and mouse to the screen. Finally, the company decided to use Magic. Trackpad adds gesture support. ”

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