In the enterprise field, Windows 8 uses a small amount of poor


Computer store news: According to the survey of global enterprise users by SysAid Technology Co., Ltd., a global IT service management provider in Israel, the global release of Windows 8 system has only been available for 6 months. 0.53% of enterprise users upgraded to use Win8 system. As compared with the same survey conditions after the release of Win7 system for 6 months, the occupancy reached 11.3, and the global PC market occupancy reached 11.68%.

Finally, SysAid explained the findings: “In April 2013, statistics from Net Applications showed that Windows8’s global system market share has reached 3.84. Most of our IT Benchmark data is based on consumers and not businesses. However, from the huge market share after the release of Windows 7, we can see that Windows 8 is not very popular among consumers. In the future, we expect what kind of achievements Windows 8.1 can achieve. ”

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