Xbox game consoles do not require "always networking"


Computer Store News: Everyone has been controversial about whether Microsoft's next-generation Xbox game console requires "always on the Internet". Today, foreign media Ars Technica reported that according to a leaked Microsoft internal memo (developing the next generation of Xbox game console staff), —— Microsoft did not ask the next generation Xbox "always networking" ;

According to reports, when referring to the hardware codenamed "Durango", Microsoft wrote that "in many scenarios, our users want the machine to be out of the network, just want it to run, no matter Whether it is connected to the network. These scenarios are not limited to: playing a Blu-ray movie, watching live TV, playing single-player games, etc. In addition to this problem, Microsoft has confirmed two important features of the next generation of Xbox game consoles: equipped with a Blu-ray player and can double as a set-top box. Although current reports rarely mention in detail whether the next-generation Xbox has an HDMI output, according to previous reports, the next-generation Xbox game console can completely replace the TV.

The Xbox 360 is not doing very well on live TV shows, and Microsoft seems to be planning to do it in the next generation of Xbox. The next generation of Xbox will be officially unveiled on May 21, and we will be able to hear more relevant news. Let's look forward to it!

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