Windows 8 will continue to retain "Windows XP Mode" to support enterprise users to migrate smoothly to Windows 8


Computer store news According to foreign media reports, in order to solve the problem that some old applications can not run in Windows 7, Microsoft has added "Windows XP mode" in Windows 7 system, there is news that Windows 8 will Keep this feature to support the smooth migration of enterprise users to Windows 8.

 Windows XP Mode" is a free Windows XP Virtual License and corresponding virtual machine software provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise users, if there is a user application or hardware driver. Programs don't work properly in Windows 7, they can run with a virtual Windows XP environment. Although Windows XP has a smaller market share, there are still some low-end devices and diehard users sticking to the system. Currently Windows 8 uses the Windows NT 6.2 kernel, so Microsoft has not introduced the "Windows 7 mode", but continues to retain the "Windows XP mode" to resolve compatibility issues.

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