Wonderful use of the genuine Win7 library function What is the "library"?


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The genuine Win7 system has one of the most distinctive features, that is, the genuine Win7 "Library".

What is Win7 "Library> Features

The library function is one of the biggest highlights of the genuine Windows 7 system, it has completely changed the way of file management, from the rigid folder way More flexible and convenient.

The most direct function of the library is to arrange a large number of irregular and messy documents in the user's computer through the library sorting mode, orderly, and enhance the user's retrieval and query usability. In a word, it is the processing plant that classifies and categorizes documents.
Win7 library function

Add the multimedia folder in the system to the original Win7 default video, image, document and other libraries, you can access these folders more directly. We can go to various folders located in different areas of the hard drive and summarize the required ones into a library.


As people use computers for longer, the types of folders that are accumulated in the computer will continue to increase. The library features of genuine Win7 can help us better manage these files. .

After the folder is put into the library, we can determine the location of the target file more quickly. At the same time, using the built-in search function of the genuine Win7 system, the target file can be located more quickly, and the user's work efficiency is further improved. improve.

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