Repair Ubuntu boot partition after reinstalling XP


xp disintegrated and then reload xp to flush the original Ubuntu boot partition table mbr, but it does not matter, fix mbr can be

Mbr role: When I start the computer. The computer first runs Power On Self Test POST. POST detects the total memory of the system and the status of other hardware devices. If the computer system's BIOS-based I/O system is plug-and-play, the computer hardware will be verified and configured. The computer's basic input/output system (the BIOS locates the computer's boot device, then the MBR Master Boot Record master record) is loaded and running. If the user only installs Windows 98, they are automatically booted to the desktop. In the case of Windows XP/2000/2003, control is passed to the NTLDR system loader, and Boot.ini is called to display the multi-menu file. Wiping MBR is to wipe the hard drive boot record.

When I reinstalled the window, since the hard disk mbr was rewritten, that is, the grub information in the original mbr was cleared, then the grub naturally could not be started, and the Linux could not be booted. At this time, many people may only be able to Reinstalling linux, but in fact, you can simply fix the mbr.

Let's talk about fixing the mbr method:

First, put the Ubuntu device CD into it, then start it. Normal entry Device interface, open the terminal:

1 Enter: sudo grub, then become


2 First find the ubuntu boot partition (that is the partition where the /boot directory is located) )

Input: find /boot/grub/stage1

After the carriage return on the machine: hd0,2 where hd0 refers to the first hard disk and 2 represents the third partition, ie Ubuntu root The partition where the directory is located (0 is the first partition)

3 Enter: grub>root hd0,2

4 Enter: grub>setup hd0

If success is present Successful

5 Enter: grub>quit and restart.

For friends with multiple hard drives, please note that if your window is installed on the first disk and linux is installed on the second disk, and your bio is set to boot from the first disk, Then, when doing the third step above, be sure to set the parameters to your first disk. That is to put grub into the mbr of the boot hard disk, of course, more fools can load grub into each hard disk mbr Do not believe you try, can certainly start, this is just a matter of order

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