Several common computer screen capture shortcuts?


In our daily work, we often use the screenshot function of the computer, and there are many kinds of screenshot functions of the computer. I believe that some users have not fully understood it. Some users may only know the QQ screenshot, because the QQ screenshot Very convenient and fast, the following small series for everyone to introduce the common shortcut screen capture method.

Method One: Direct use Print Scr Sysrq key keyboard in full screen shots

very simple to use, full-screen shots to complete after only need to press the button, and then we You can crop or save the image again by copying it into the drawing tool.

Advantages: One-click screen capture, very convenient

Disadvantages: only full screen can be intercepted, and the scope of use is limited.

Method 2: Use Alt + Print Screen SysRq key activity area screenshot

The activity area here refers to the interface you are currently working on. For example, when we are chatting, the active window is This chat window, this is just a press of the Alt + Print Screen SysRq button to take a screenshot of our chat box interface.

advantages: capable of precise interception of the current window interface, there will be no error.

Disadvantages: Only the fixed window interface can be intercepted, and the scope of use is limited.

Method 3: Screenshots of various social softwares

This method should be the most commonly used screenshot method, because many people will get used to it when they turn on the computer. All kinds of social applications, such as QQ, Aliwangwang, Weibo client, etc., all come with screenshots, which is very convenient to use. For example, QQ uses Ctrl+Alt+A to achieve screenshots.

Advantages: easy to use, you can customize the content interception

Cons: You must be logged client uses use

Method 4: Use professional screenshot software: HyperSnap7 and so on.

This is a veteran screenshot tool that not only captures standard desktop programs, but also captures DirectX, 3Dfx Glide game videos or DVD screen shots. Save and read images in more than 20 graphic formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, etc. You can grab a picture from the screen with a shortcut or an automatic timer. The function can be said to be very powerful. Of course, you can also choose other screenshot software according to your own preferences. I don't have to go into details here.

Advantages: professional, powerful

Disadvantages: a little cumbersome, we need to adapt.

The above is a common computer shortcut screen method introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. A total of four methods are introduced. You can choose a method that suits your needs according to your needs.

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