Add Hyper-V components to Windows Server 2008


Originally intended to install VPC to virtualize a Windows 7, and later thought of his X61 is loaded with 64Bit Windows Server 2008, simply add Hyper-V components to virtual Windows 7 system. Hyper-V installation thought it would be a light-hearted way, just add a system component. Don't want to run into some problems, here is a brief talk about the installation process, so that everyone has a reference:

1. First open the "Server Manager" - "Add role selection "Hyper-V"; Click "Next" to continue the operation,

2. This step is the function introduction of Hyper-V integrated in Windows Server 2008; click "Next" to continue:

3. In this step, Hyper-V sets up the network connection used by the virtual system, listed here as "Bluetooth" and "Local Area Connection":

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