Microsoft WSUS 3.0 installation configuration details


The company used Wsus 2.0 before. The system was automatically updated to version 3.0 after Wsus3.0 came out. Adjusting the server a few days ago, you need to reinstall the Wsus server to another server, just to try the Wsus3.0 service thoroughly.


First download the Wsus 3.0 installation file, here is the Simplified Chinese version of the download address, the speed is good, Com/download/1/a/7/1a745ad1-0b08-4703-b876-4575411af74b/WSUS3Setupx86.exe

After the download is complete, the name of the installation file is Wsus3Setupx86.exe, and the server of Wsus 3.0 must be installed on Windows. The operating system of the 2003 SP1 version or higher must have IIS 6.0, Windows Installer 3.1, Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, and BITS 5.1 installed. If your operating system is Windows 2003 or higher and you have installed the above components, you can start the Wsus 3.0 installation process.


1. Double-click the Wsus 3.0 installer, which is a process of decompression.

2. After the decompression is completed, a welcome dialog will pop up. Box, click "Next"

3. Enter the installation mode selection dialog, an important new feature of Wsus 3.0 is to support the separate installation of the server program and the management console. Here you can choose the first item to install both the server program and the management console. Of course, you can also select the second item to install only the server, and then install the management console on any machine in the LAN. I choose the first item here and "the next step."

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