Windows Storage Server 2008 (x64)BT Download


Windows Storage Server 2008 is based on Windows Server 2008 development and is the most stable enterprise file service platform. It includes multiple file storage related optimization features, copy management, iSCSI support. They are all in place, and there are various storage methods such as block mode, etc. Microsoft customers can optimize their storage without sacrificing flexibility, reliability and usage habits.

Windows Storage Server 2008 Embedded (Basic, Standard, Enterprise, Workgroup) (x64) - DVD (English)

File Name: en_windows_storage_server_2008_embedded_basic_standard_enterprise_workgroup_dvd_x64_x15-49574.iso

File Size : 3,306.19 (MB)

SHA1: EEB06FB9D9B84946ECC5B8624FAD703184147191

Windows Storage Server 2008 Embedded Language Pack (x64) - DVD (Chinese - Hong Kong SAR, Chinese - Simplified, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil)< Br>

File Name: hk_cn_ko_pt_windows_storage_server_2008_embedded_language_pack_dvd_x64_x14-18608.iso

File Size: 310.78 (MB)

SHA1: 2638BB430C530F0AD521841E85FFCC3A23760C5B

BT Release Page: http://www

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