Experience the feeling of running Windows 2000


As one of the most popular network operating systems, Windows 2000 Server Edition and Advanced Server Edition are favored by many network administrators, but they also occupy a large amount of system resources. headache! In fact, for normal operations, many services in Windows 2000 are unnecessary. If you stop them, you will not only be able to work normally, but you can also experience the feeling of running Windows 2000 like a fly!

This article takes Windows 2000 Advanced Server Edition (hereafter referred to as Win2000) as an example, and summarizes a list, which only leaves the services required for normal LAN, Internet access and general operations for your reference.

Introduction to Service Names

COM+ Event System Provides automatic publishing of events to subscribe to COM components
Computer Browser maintains an up-to-date list of computers on the network and provides this list
Machine Debug Manager Manages Local and remote debugging for Visual Studio debuggers
Network Connections manages objects in the "Network and Dial-up Connections" folder, where you can view LAN and remote connections
Plug and Play manage device installation and configuration, and notify the program about Device Changes
Protected Storage provides protected storage of sensitive data (such as private keys) to prevent unauthorized access by unauthorized services, processes or users (Note: This item may be caused in IE after missing this entry)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provides endpoint mapper (endpoint mapper) and other RPC services
Security Accounts Manager stores security information for local user accounts
Se Rver provides RPC support, file, print, and named pipe sharing
Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions and driver exchange system management information

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