Windows server 2008 password loss recovery


login password forgot, how to do it, reinstalling the system is too time-consuming, my heart is unwilling, I have encountered this situation a few days ago, just installed windows server 2008 Forgot, and did not make a system password recovery disk, this is stupid, I hate it. After a few days of searching, I finally found a way to log in to the system without a password. Bring it to the heroes to share.
Use a 2008 installation disk, insert the CD-ROM drive, then reboot, boot from the CD, and then click Repair the computer. Entering the command line prompts to carefully look at the following step, this is the most critical. First back up the magnify.exe (windows magnifier program) rename magnify.exe magnify.bak and then use cmd.exe to replace magnify.exe to restart the computer, to the 2008 login interface. Click on Easy Access and select the Project (Magnifying Glass) app on the Zoom In screen. Look at what is coming out, excitement, see what identity we are, enter whoami, system, we are the authority. Now you can type in the explorer to see what happens to the screen and the taskbar comes out. You can set your password for now if you can run net user administrator ******

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