64-bit Windows Vista system four installation methods


What is the difference between 64-bit Windows Vista operating system installation and 32-bit? Is it good to install? Below we give four methods.

One way to install vista64 bit hard disk

How to install 64-bit VISTA from hard disk under 32-bit system

1, vista64-bit DVD image file with virtual CD-ROM software Boot folder, efi folder, bootmgr file, extract to C\\:

2, create a new sources folder under C:\\ and extract the boot.wim under vista64 image source to it, and One file is bootsect.exe (you can't use vista64, you need a 32-bit ok, here I will give you the 32-bit bootsect.exe downloaded to the C drive). Then copy all the files of the virtual drive to Where you want to put it, such as D:\\VISTA64 file ready, enter the installation phase, run CMD into C:\\bootsect/nt60 c: Enter. Restart the computer> Go to Installation> The first interface asks you to select the language ( Directly next step)> See the installation words are not? Don't worry, please see the bottom left corner of the interface, there is a repair computer> After selecting > Continue > Commands> Enter the DOS-like interface: Enter the C drive Delete

del bootsect.exe

del bootmg

del boot

del efi

del sources

delete Finished just copying V ISTA64-bit installation disk D:\\VISTA64\\SOURCES after SETUP is OK, I don't need to say it later

Method 2 Full hard disk installation vista64 bit system

First use virtual drive to put VISTA64 In the DVD image file, the boot folder, the efi folder, the bootmgr file, copy it to C:\\ under the C:\\ new sources folder and copy the boot.wim under the vista64 image source to your face. There is also a file. Bootsect.exe (can not use the vista64 that, a 32-bit ok, I will give you the 32-bit bootsect.exe to download to the disk). Then copy all the files of the virtual drive to the one you want to put Places such as D:\\VISTA64 files are ready, enter the installation phase, run CMD into C:\\Enter bootsect/nt60 c: Enter. Restart the computer. > Enter installation> The first interface calls you to select the language (directly under One step) > See the installation of the words? Do not worry, please do not see a repair installation in the lower left corner of the interface (may be fixed what is not clear) > after selection > continue > command > Enter a DOS-like interface: go to the C drive and delete del bootsect.exe del bootmgr del boot del efi del sources After the deletion is completed, just enter the VISTA64-bit installation disk D:\\VISTA64\\SOURCES and the SETUP is OK. I don't need to say it later.

Method 3 Pure hard disk installation 64-bit Vista

1 First install WinPE2.0 New Year's Edition

2, use the Daemon virtual Vista64 bit of the ISO, copy the Sources directory to the C drive, covering the Win.2.0 New Year's Edition version of the Sources under the boot.wim So, start up is 64-bit WinPE

3, restart, enter this 64-bit WinPE

4, enter the command line prompt [is DOS command line mode] (not Will look at the tutorial, it is easy)

(Why do you want to enter here? Because you install it directly, you will be prompted with the error message that is missing the required CD/DVD drive device driver” )

5, the key steps! Now the current directory is X disk sources right? Go to the C drive Sources below [No? Please, you still learn some DOS commands and then come to this post]

The command line prompt is: C:\\Sources>

6, in fact, every step is an important step~~ At this time, enter mrt.exe and enter [C:\\Source s>mrt.exe Enter]

7, the most important step: you will find a program that doesn't know what language it is (it seems to be Mongolian), regardless of him, put a checkmark [is agree to the agreement], start installation Anyway, I don't understand, I keep pressing the next step until the installation is complete.

8. After installing the above mrt.exe, run setup.exe to start the installation of Vista64 bit!

(Why should you install mrt.exe first? I don't know, anyway, no Install mrt.exe, you run setup.exe will prompt "lack of required CD /DVD drive device driver", can not be installed)

9, the rest needless to say, enter Serial number, select the version, you can start the installation ~~

Method 4 install 64-bit Vista method (32XP)

Virtual CD-ROM is under XP, xp is 32-bit The result of this operation is equal to upgrading to 64-bit VISTA under XP, which is absolutely impossible.

Go to a DOS version of the support for ISO Dongdong, there are some I have forgotten to go to ** look for :) Here:

Download three files: LOADISO, Smartdrv , Vfloppy

1. Copy our boot CD image (iso file) into the hard disk (any disk except C disk)

2. Run the self-extracting file Vfloppy.exe and select the directory. Yes, D:\\BOOT

3. Unzip LOADISO.rar, get the file LOADISO.exe, and then use, WinRAR decompress LOADISO.exe, get LOADISO.IMA (don't ignore the error prompt), LOADISO Add the IMA to the dudu.zip file and delete another file in the D:\\BOOT\\dudu.zip directory.

4. Copy the Smartdrv.exe file to D:\\BOOT

5. Restart the system. When the BIOS detection is completed, press the ALT key to activate the bootloader and select “Start Simulation Virtual < Br>

After the floppy drive”After the boot menu, enter the first item "Start ISO CD image installation wizard", and then select the partition where the ISO file is located and the ISO file, you can load the ISO CD image, drive letter For "Z”

6. Load Smartdrv.exe to speed up the installation. Note Smartdrv only supports FAT format!

format can be converted using tools such as PQ with friends NTFS format, otherwise the equipment installed one day finish!

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