Windows Vista system makes service optimization easy


Four steps to complete Vista system service optimization Step 1: One step in place, lazy optimization service. There are many types of system services. Loading unnecessary services will only add burden to the system. At this time, we can start the "Windows System Service Optimization Terminator" Vista official version 3.0, click "Configure Service & Rarr; Quick Configuration" (Figure 1), there are a variety of optimized service configuration methods such as home, Internet cafes, etc. You can optimize the system's services by selecting a type of application as needed.

Step two: customized optimization services. If you are not satisfied with the optimization options just now, you can continue to click on the “Optimization Wizard” and follow the prompts to consider whether to turn off some unnecessary hardware and software services and tailor a system that suits you better.

Step 3: Speed ​​up the startup. In addition to optimizing the service, if you want to make Vista start faster. Click on the main interface and click “System Tools & Rarr; Start Optimization”. Here is a detailed display of the system boot from the startup items, the novice can also see their role at a glance. For unnecessary startup items, select “delete” (Figure 2).

Step Four: emergency self-help, recovery system services. If you accidentally shut down important services and cause Vista to be abnormal, we have two ways to recover: 1. Restore system services to Windows default service configuration, click “Configure Services & Rarr; Quick Configuration & Rarr; Default Configuration & rdquo; Click ""Applications" to restore Windows services in all directions.

2.Revert to the state at the time of backup. The uncorrected system optimization settings are backed up, and errors occur later. Click “Configure Service & Rarr; Import Configuration” to import the previous backup files.

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