Installing Linux with a virtual machine under Vista


I always wanted to use VirtualBox to install Linux virtual machine under Vista. I have no problem finding resolution resolution. Fedora 8 or Ubuntu 8.04 can only work at 800x600 resolution. The conclusion of google + baidu Is the VirtualBox virtual graphics card has a problem (I don't know if I understand it right), so I switched to the old camp VMware.

Register on the official website and get a free 30-day serial number installation. This is not technical. I installed VMware Workstation 6.0.0 build-4573 (with bugs), then install the standard tutorial to install Fedora. 8, this process is simply too familiar, there is no need to use your brain. Then start how you want to change the resolution and how to change the resolution. But I always think the resolution is weird, but at least I can work.

The main process is:

1) Use root to enter the command line format (or graphical interface), Tools can only be installed after the virtual machine is started.

2) The mouse exits the virtual machine (default Ctrl+Alt, this can be changed in the VMware menu), click Install VMware tools in the VMware menu, and then you can find the two in the /media directory. Mount the good installation files.

3) Find a directory, such as /tmp, or /root/tmp, copy the tar.gz file, unzip it, and run it. / (don't care which connection it points to), all the way back. If you are careful enough to find that there is an error, this error is related to the file sharing between the virtual machine and the host!

4) You must check it all the way back. For example, when it comes to resolution, my notebook is a 14-inch widescreen (WXGA+), so the resolution is set to 1440x900, so it looks great on a full screen.

Enter the graphical interface with ordinary users, use the U disk to test vmware tools file sharing module patch vmhgfs.tar under vmware6.0, replace /vrg/f/vmware-tools/modules/source under vmhgfs .tar, then run under /usr/bin. /, all the way back, then you find that there is a folder called hgfs in /mnt (no patch is not installed), of course, the premise is that you have shared in the VMware menu folder.

The three benefits of this Tool for me are: mouse smart switch in the main /virtual machine, no hostkey; the resolution is normal (not installed before it is not normal, but can also bear); File sharing is working fine.

Enter the Fedora 8 virtual machine, USB, network, file sharing, everything works fine, can work.

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