How to burn win7

in VHD format

What is VHD file format?

VHD refers to Virtual Hard Disk, which can be understood as a virtual hard disk, different from the disk, head and track of traditional hard disk, VHD hard disk. The carrier is a VHD file on the file system. If you carefully read the technical standards of VHD files, you will find that the standard defines a lot of hard drive specific terms such as Cylinder, Heads and Sectors to simulate I/O operations for hard disks. Since the VHD is a hard disk, it can be partitioned, formatted, read and written, just like a physical hard disk.

We can think so, VHD is also a kind of hard disk, VHD is a hard disk in a file.

For details on the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) technology of Windows 7, please refer to: Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) technology for Windows 7

How to burn win7 in VHD format

1. Unzip. VHD file

2. Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management

3. Right click - Attach VHD (Load VHD)

4. Browse to. VHD file storage location

5. Click OK

6. A virtual disk should appear. Here, disk J is used as an example. The disk icon is blue

7 Run the WAIK command, there are ready shortcuts in the start menu

8. Enter

imagex /compress maximum /flags “Ultimate” /capture X: c:\\install.wim “Windows 7 Ultimate”

/capture X: Here X is replaced with the virtual disk drive letter you created.

9. At this point, the root directory of the C drive should have a “install.wim” file.

10. Copy this file to the Sources folder in the unzipped folder in the first step, overwriting the original file

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