Vista did not find the "hibernate" option. What are the reasons?


Problem Description

The user is ready to use the Hibernate feature on Windows Vista to stand by, but finds that the Hibernate option is not available in the Power Options menu of the Start menu. Also, the "Hibernate" option was not found in the "Close Windows" dialog. What are the reasons?


this phenomenon, because "sleep" feature in Windows Vista is not enabled, generally have the following reasons:

1, already use the Disk Cleanup The tool deletes the hibernation file
2. The computer itself does not support the hibernation function
3. The sleep function is disabled
4. The “hybrid sleep” function is enabled. When the user selects the Sleep option in any of the power options menus, the Hybrid Sleep feature puts the computer to sleep and generates a hibernation file. Therefore, if Hybrid Sleep is enabled, Hibernate will not appear as a power option.

So how do you view the system which is currently dormant in what? Can be viewed through the following command line!


Use the command line mode to check whether the computer supports sleep function by the following steps.

1. Click “Start”, find “Command Prompt” in “Accessories”, right click “Command Prompt”

2. At the command prompt, enter cmd , then type powercfg /a

The PowerCfg tool will generate output similar to the following:

Example 1: (a VISTA HOME PREMIUM screenshot)

< BR>Figure 1

Example 2: (VISTA HOME PREMIUM virtual machine screenshot)

Fig. 2

If the computer can support the sleep function How can we enable it?

You can use the PowerCfg command line tool to enable hibernation. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, locate Command Prompt in Attachments, click Command Prompt;

2 At the command prompt, type powercfg /hibernate on. You can re-enable hibernation.

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