Privacy protection in the Vista menu


Similar to previous versions of Windows, Windows Vista also records the programs that users run, open files, etc., and saves them in the list of recently used programs and the list of recent documents, which brings privacy to the user. The risks are imaginable, especially in environments where multiple users share the same PC: others can easily view the programs you are running on the list, open files such as Word documents or photos.

Windows Vista also provides an easy way to avoid personal privacy leaks in this type of start menu, as described in Clearing usage records in Windows. - Although that is mainly for previous versions of Windows systems such as Windows XP.

Protect your privacy with a few simple steps:

1. Right click on the taskbar and select "Properties";
2. Click the "Start Menu" tab;
3. Cancel the selection of "Recently Opened Documents";
4. Cancel the selection of "Recently Running Programs";
5. Click OK to close.

This way, Windows Vista will no longer record the programs you are running, the documents you open, such as Word files or photos you view, so you won't be able to find your action history.

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