WinXP can also enjoy the pure Vista theme feeling


Xiaoxi saw a website today on how to install the vista theme (actually the theme of Longhorn5203) in Windows XP. I felt that it was very good, but I did not succeed.

So I put the file down, studied it, and found that the website was too cumbersome, and it was not necessarily successful. Xiao Yan used his imagination to install it himself. Guess what, success!

Then let me introduce my installation method.

First you have to download the uxpatcher and Longhorn theme files, I have provided the download. [Click to download]

Again, for security reasons, please prepare your uxtheme.dll file in the C:windowssystem32 folder

Next, run uxpatcher, if you jump out of windows in the middle The file protection dialog (cancel it) proves that you are going to succeed.


Next, unzip the Longhorn theme to the C:windowsResourcesThemes folder (preferably unzip it to another disk

in D or F and copy the font file in Font) Go to C:windowsfont) and run this file.

success yet?

appear Longhorn (Vista) the option to

Xiaolu is a success.

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