Retrieve/Restore the "Show Desktop" icon lost in Vista


A friend accidentally deletes the "Show desktop" icon in the quick start and sends an E-mail asking how to restore the item. I said that I searched the Internet for a long time. Although I found a lot of tutorials to restore the display of desktop icons, it was either very cumbersome or not effective. Ask us if we have a simple solution.

In fact, in Windows Vista, to restore the display icon that was accidentally deleted, it doesn't have to be so complicated: Windows Vista itself keeps a backup of the "display desktop" icon and shortcuts, we have to do Just copy it to the user directory.

Recover deleted “display desktop”icon:

1. Open the Explorer (the desktop computer is also available); first let the Explorer display the system and hidden files, the same way (if it is clicked into the computer): Click “Organize”“ And the search option ”, select the “View” tab in the pop-up window, uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" & “ hide files and folders & rdquo; item settings to “Show hidden files and folders”. Browse to the following directory:

C:\\Users\\Default\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Quick Launch

Under this folder, in general, you can see at least two Files: Show desktop and switch between windows. Right-click on the "Show desktop" button to select "Copy" and open the following directory:

C:\\Users\\Username\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\ Internet Explorer\\Quick Launch

Of course, the "username" in the above string needs to be replaced with the name of the currently used user.

Right-click in the folder and select “Paste”, and you will see that the Quick Launch area on the taskbar has more icons for “Show Desktop”. A better way is to drag the mouse to the launch bar.

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