XP local connection disappeared how to solve?


I believe everyone knows that the computer should be connected to the network. If there is no network or the network is poor, the first reaction must be to open the local connection to check the network connection, but recently users found that their Windows XP local connection is gone, but the network cable is still Plugged in. What is going on here? How to solve the local connection disappeared? The following small series introduces you to the solution that XP local connection disappears.

Users who have encountered this problem should take a look at the following steps to get back, as follows:

1. First check if the network service is not open, click on “Start” , open the “ control panel & rdquo; program.

2, into the window of the control panel to find the & ldquo; Administrative Tools & rdquo; this, double-click to go.

3, after entering the window of the management tool, find and double-click the "Services" icon.

4, after entering the service window, in the list window, find and double-click the Netword Connections option.

5. To open the Netword Connections property window, select the tab for “General”.

6, the & ldquo; startup type & rdquo; from & ldquo; disabled & rdquo; into & ldquo; & rdquo ;, automatically click & ldquo; application & rdquo; button.

7. Click the “Enable” button under “Service Status” to enable the service to start the network connection. Finally, click OK to exit the properties window and the setup is complete.

Network connectivity has always been one of the concerns of our users, because once the network has problems, it can't access the Internet, which affects work and life efficiency. If you are experiencing a situation where the local connection disappears, try the above steps.

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