How does the XP system reset the TCP/IP protocol?


In the process of using the computer, I believe everyone knows that there is an Internet protocol in the XP network component list of XP system. The Internet protocol is also called TCP or IP. The “Uninstall” button display is gray & mdash. ;— not optional state. This is because the TCP/IP protocol is the default protocol for Windows XP and therefore cannot be removed. If we need to reinstall the TCP/IP protocol in special cases, what should I do? The following small series for everyone to introduce the XP system to reset the TCP /IP protocol solution.

Operation steps:

1. First press Win+R to open the run, enter cmd to enter the command prompt.

2, in the command prompt window we execute netsh int ip reset C: resetlog.txt command, so that you can reset the TCP /IP protocol up.

These are the small series of solutions to reset TCP /IP protocol for everyone XP system introduced. I still don't know how to reset the TCP/IP protocol for the XP system. Try the above steps to try it out.

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