Do not be a neighbor for a long time! xp Network Neighborhood Open Problem Solving


In general, very few users will use the function of the network neighborhood, feels dispensable, but in setting network parameters or accessing the shared resources of the LAN Need the network neighbors this window to achieve, the key xp system network neighbors have problems, can not open, what should I do?

(1) Right click on my computer property computer name, view the tab The name of the LAN workgroup that appears in the workgroup name must be the same.

(2) The exception to using the winxp firewall: the winxp firewall is fully enabled by default, which means that all network connections running the computer are difficult to achieve network neighborhood sharing. At the same time, because Windows Firewall defaults to prohibiting "file and printer sharing", so firewall is enabled, and printing cannot be shared. The solution is: Go to “Local Connections"Window, click“Advanced” “Settings “Exceptions> Select "File and Printer Sharing" under Programs and Services.

(3) Install the NWlinkIPX/SPX/NetBIOSCompatibleTransportProtocol protocol.

(4) Open the guest account: Right click on my computer management user has a guest, double-click to remove “ account has been disabled & rdquo; in front of the hook.

(5) Delete the "Deny access to this computer from the network" account account: run group policy (gpedit.msc) local computer computer configuration windows settings security settings local policy user rights assignment rejection Access this computer from the network. If there is a guest, delete it. (The reason is: sometimes the xp guest is not allowed to access the share)

(6) Cancel "Use simple file sharing" way: Explorer tool folder option view to remove "Use simple file sharing" (Recommended) & rdquo; The front hook.

(7) Check "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

(8) Run the service policy <;Services.msc”. Start "CllipbookServer" (folder server): This service allows other users on your network to see your folder. Of course, sometimes you can change it to manual startup, and then use other programs to post information on your network.

(9) Win98 computer can not access win2000/winxp computer, the reason is: the guest user in win2000/winxp computer is disabled or win2000/winxp uses NTFS partition format, set the permission control. Generally, if you want to allow win98 access, do not delete the account group of everyone in the security control in win2000/winxp.

Network Neighborhood is a function that users use when accessing shared resources. However, in network maintenance, there is often a problem that Internet neighbors cannot open. This makes users very headaches, if you also encounter the same problem. The problem, I hope these can help you.

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