How to hide the record of the recently opened document in the xp system


In daily life, we browse some files in the process of using the computer and will be completely recorded in the start menu by the computer. By default, there will be a "document> ; or “ My recent file file & rdquo; folder, this folder shows the recently opened documents, many people do not want to display for their privacy. I want to hide it. In fact, the method is very simple, then today we will give you a method —— how to clear the document browsing history on the computer.

The steps are as follows:

To change some of the taskbar properties, right click on the blue taskbar and a small menu, a dialog box appears. Click the “Properties” option.

The taskbar properties “ window will load and present some of your settings.

At the top of the window, you'll see two tabs labeled "Taskbar and 'Start Menu'.

Click the “Start Menu” tab.

Allows you to see the Start menu option as the default menu for Windows XP or the menu displayed in the classic Start menu of Windows 98's old style.

The next "Start” Menu“ option, you will see a "Custom“ button. Clicking this button will launch the start menu settings.

Once the window is loaded, click on the “Advanced" tab, along the top.

You can see the option to list the documents I recently opened in circling.

If you want to hide recently opened files, appear from the “Start” menu and uncheck this option. You can also clear any files currently displayed, click the “clear list” button, on the right.

If you want to display the most recently opened file on the Start menu, then check the box. Below you can see how to display the most recently opened document on the start menu.

You can see the recently opened document in the picture “ menu. If you tick off, then setting this menu is hidden.

Once you change the settings, then click the "OK" button, once you return to the taskbar & ldquo; property box, click the & rdquo; OK “ button to exit the taskbar settings.

Is the method very simple? In the future, if we hide the recently opened document in the menu according to the previous method, we will be able to do nothing and protect our little privacy.

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