Share access to Windows xp share problem solution


By default, the access method of xp system is "only guest" way, then you access it, of course, fixed to guest can not enter other user accounts.

A lot of xp systems have guest enabled and no network access. The fault is solved as follows:

Why can't I access the guest?

1. Default Xp disable guest account

2. By default, xp's local security policy prohibits guest users from accessing the network

3. By default, xp's local security policy - user rights assignment In, "empty password users can only log in to the console" is enabled, that is to say, any account with a blank password can not be accessed locally from the network, only the local default password

If you need to use the guest user to access xp, you need to make the above three settings: enable guest, modify the security policy to allow the guest to access from the network, disable the security policy in 3 or add a password to the guest.

When accessing xp, the username in the login dialog is gray, always a guest user, and cannot enter another user account.

The reason is that this security policy is in the management tool - local security policy - security options - & ldquo; network access: local account sharing and security mode & rdquo;.

So, the easiest way to access xp is to not have the guest enabled, just modify the security policy above to "classic". Other operating systems can access their own account information by accessing xp.

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