Solve U disk "cannot stop universal volume device"


When using a mobile hard disk or flash memory, perform the “Safely Remove Hardware” operation, and often encounter “cannot disable the universal volume” prompt, making the user afraid to unplug the USB connection. There are several reasons for this prompt. Generally speaking, the reason is that a file on the mobile hard disk is opened and is being used. If this is the case, close the relevant program. But many times, we have closed all the applications, but still see this prompt.
Some people have introduced two solutions: one is to end the explorer.exe process, and the other is to log out the current user. Admittedly, both methods are effective, but they do not clarify the cause of the problem, and the solution process is more troublesome. In fact, this prompt is mostly due to the resource manager scanning the media file information on the pre-read mobile hard disk in the background, such as AVI, MP3, and so on. This kind of media file information scanning function often seriously affects the system speed, resulting in unsmooth operation. As long as you cancel the pre-reading, you can solve the problem.
Cancel the read-ahead method:
In the "Run” box, type: regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll, you can cancel the read-ahead function.
Reason analysis: The shmedia.dll file provided in the Microsoft system is a convenient and useful function. With it, when you view media files in Explorer, you don't need to use other special tools or players, you can see the file and playback related information, such as resolution, playback time, data rate, and even music. Home information and more. After shaudi.dll is logged out, this information is not visible in the Explorer. Disabling it is sacrificing one feature and getting another convenience. Users can decide for themselves how to choose.
There are also a few users who find that sometimes there is no media file that can't be popped up, only the brain can be restarted. This kind of non-popping situation is not much. The more common reason is that the virus is in the system, or the anti-virus software scans the zip or rar compressed package in the background.
Other methods:
In addition, you can also use the two small software Unlocker and Usbkiller, both can unlock the mobile hard disk and flash memory "can not disable the general volume" problem.
1. Open “My Brain”, right click on the mobile device drive letter, click “unlocker”, the interface appears, click the inverted triangle button in the lower left corner and select “delete”, then click “ Unlock all & rdquo;
2. As for the use of Usbkiller is very simple, just right click on the system tray area & ldquo; usbkiller icon & rdquo;, then click on the shortcut menu and click "unlock U disk" can be

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