How to install xp installation version under WinPE


A. U disk boot into the WINPE system.
Second, use the virtual drive to load the system image file. The optical drive letter I assume here is A.
Three. Start, run, enter cmd Enter. cd /d A:\\i386 Enter. Enter: winnt32 /syspart:c /makelocalsource /tempdrive:c (where c is the drive letter of the XP system to be installed, you can modify it). > 4. Select a new installation, … …, enter the serial number, etc., follow the steps to copy the file and then unplug the U disk before restarting, remember! !
V. After the restart, I believe everyone knows. Note: The reason why everyone did not succeed after booting is because the system does not automatically load /syspart:c /makelocalsource /tempdrive:c when double-clicking setup or winnt32, so that some files are copied to the U disk when copying files. , causing it to start. So be sure to note that you must not double-click the setup installation in the virtual CD image file or double-click the winnt32 installation. This is unsuccessful. I have tried it many times. Everyone must pay attention! !

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