Ways to ensure system stability and smooth operation

        First, the assembly machine must pay attention to the reasonable hardware configuration. To achieve scientific and reasonable computer hardware configuration, two problems must be clarified before assembly: First, what operating system is the new computer ready to install? Note: Different operating systems have different requirements for hardware. If the basic requirements of the operating system are not met, the platform on which the hosted software runs will not perform at its best. Second, what software does the new computer plan to run? It should be clear that “OFFICE” is different from “Warcraft” and “Photoshop CS” is different from “Virtual PC 2007”, which involves some hardware configuration. Combine the above two aspects, from the overall grasp, we must pay special attention to follow the “ wooden barrel principle & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; strive to each hardware & ldquo; go & rdquo; long & ldquo; supplement & rdquo; short, match with tacit understanding, complement each other. Rather than "synchronous, different lengths", it is even more difficult to create mutual internal friction. Second, the operating system should choose as much as possible, "original" & rdquo; In a sense, "original" is no "genuine key" genuine. “Original” is an initial version that has not been integrated with SP1 and SP2 patches. It is also the most pure and standard, and the most reliable and smoothest version after running the patch. For example, the original version of Windows XP Pro, from the beginning to the present, has version uniqueness. Integrating SP2 on this basis is no different from genuine Windows XP Pro SP2. As for the online version of the ready-to-download version of the simplified version, the cracked version, etc., whether to maintain the integrity of the original version, running different from the original version, not one or two sentences can be clearly stated. Therefore, the idea is to take some effort, but also try to download the original version, and integrate the highest version of the original patch on this basis. In this way, not only do you learn to master an operational knowledge, but also build your own operating system. Why not? Third, reasonable matching security software is essential security software, in terms of its function, can be divided into four categories: 1, killing the virus; 2, killing Trojans (anti-spyware); 3, firewall; 4, killing malicious software. As long as the computer resources allow, "four types" should be installed, which is in line with the current network world "big situation". Fourth, download and install the software must be careful to engage in the download of commonly used software, would like to discuss with you the common software "installation path" problem. Most software has an option to install the path; most people, the common software "default" is installed in the Program Files folder of the system disk. This not only affects the scientific classification of each drive disk, is easy to manage, but also affects the startup or operation speed of the system and software more or less. Why not? —— system disk is the system disk, except for the system installation files, try not to. Other drive disks can be divided into data disks, software disks, leisure disks, and the like according to their own circumstances. Under each major classification, it is better to refine several small classifications. Fifth, the system and software "set" & rdquo; to talk about science Operating systems and browsers and other common software, have "set" & rdquo; options. In particular, the operating system, "Settings" is numerous and difficult to grasp —— such as: output/input cache, start menu speed, desktop icon cache, secondary data cache, transfer unit buffer, and so on. "Operating system and common software "Settings" if not scientific, even Hu <; set & rdquo; one, light, will affect the stability and efficiency of the system, running smoothly; heavy, it will cause system crash, blue screen , black screen and other accidents. Therefore, for beginners, the system "set" & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; automatically with reliable optimization software; software "set" & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; with default options. Manually modify “Settings>, be sure to gradually explore, step by step, avoid "doing it in one battle". Sixth, develop a good habit of regular maintenance of the computer Regular maintenance, including hardware and software. The hardware is mainly to carefully clean the dust and ensure the heat dissipation effect. If there is no special, generally do not frequently "large unloading". Because in the disassembly, there are potential risks of damage to components. The components are subject to "hard injury", and the repair is quite difficult. Software, mainly for the Microsoft operating system: one should regularly clean up the garbage, and the second should be regularly "killing". The software "regularly" frequency depends entirely on its own experience, and there is no "regularity" to follow. However, as long as you use your computer frequently and browse the web frequently, it is best not to exceed half a month. Otherwise, the computer will run slower and slower, and even the Trojan will always peep at it. As for the hardware, twice a year, probably it will be fine.
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