How to use rdesktop to achieve simultaneous use of linux and windows


rdesktop IPADDRESS:PORT -z -r sound:remote -g workarea -D -K -T TitleName -P -a 16 -u CLIENTUSER -p PASSWORD -r clipboard:PRIMARYCLIPBOARD -xl -r disk:ubuntu=/home /USER

-z: Start compression of network data, reduce bandwidth

-r sound:remote: Play the sound on a remote machine without bringing it to your local machine. Of course you can also use local to bring the sound to your machine for playback, or use off to turn off the sound

-g workarea: The -g parameter is used to set the resolution, such as -g 800x600, using workarea, This way the rdesktop program will ask your gnome environment to find out which screen size you have available (remove the top panel and the taskbar section below). The advantage of this is that it is not full screen mode, you don't need to use Ctrl+Alt+Enter to switch, but try to use all the available space

-D: Do not display the decoration of the window, that is, the title bar, so that -g workarea can make better use of screen space

-K: This option indicates keeping the window manager's key combination binding. That is to say, when your remote access window is in focus, you can still use Ctrl+Alt+left and right keys and other similar combination buttons

-a 16: Set the color to 16 bits


-x lan

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