When installing IIS, I can't copy the convlog.exe and iisadmin.mfl files.


IIS has a problem and reinstalled. So when installing IIS, the old prompt can not copy convlog.exe, iisadmin.mfl and other files.

Search a bunch on the Internet, saying that it is caused by damage to the internal database of the system. Repair damaged data files can be installed normally.

The solution is as follows

Start> Run> Enter CMD > Enter the following command:
1, esentutl /g %windir%/security/database/secedit .sdb (This command parameter is used to query if the secedit.sdb file is corrupted)
2, esentutl /p %windir%/security/database/secedit.sdb (fix secedit.sdb file)

< BR>This convlog.exe can be installed, but it can't be found in iisadmin.mfl. Click Browse > C:\\WINDOWS\\ServicePackFiles\\i386 , navigate to this folder, click OK, you can install it!

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